Sermon Series


Generation Z

Those born 1997-2012, in our culture, have only ever known a world run by technology. While this has played a major role in the way Gen Z’ers form relationships; Lucas challenges us to be merciful and graceful – treating one another as equals.

Generation X

Generation X (those born 1965-1980) often represents a time of dissatisfaction and unrest – experiences that everyone will go through. Each of us has two options when we share these experiences: 1) Draw closer to God; or 2) Resolve to run from Him. Join us as we look at the prophet, Jonah’s, experience.

The Baby Boomers

Known for its iconic music and political unrest, the Baby Boomer generation (those born 1946-1964) adopted a mantra of “sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll”. This early rebellion, however, led them to a place of Honesty and Hope: a great turnaround story!

The Silent Generation

In this series we’ll be looking at maximizing the strength of every generation for the benefit of God’s kingdom. In Week 1 we look at The Silent Generation – those born from 1928-1945 – who remind us that Disrespect and Resentment simply don’t belong in the kingdom.